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March 4, 2021

Certified Ethical Hacker v11

CEH is the leading ethical hacking training and certification program in cybersecurity. It provides students the ability to audit a system for weaknesses and vulnerability using the same tools and exploits as malicious hackers but under a proper legal circumstance and in the best interest of assessing the security posture of a target system and organization. It teaches how hackers think and act maliciously so you can learn to better position your organization’s security infrastructure and defend against future attacks. CEH
May 26, 2020

Agile Certified Practitioner

Agile is here to stay. Companies are transitioning into agile project management, faster than they can find the right leaders to lead project teams. As an Agile certified practitioner, you are in demand right now, and you will be, for the foreseeable future. Topron’s virtual ACP course enables you to learn the skills that top employers are seeking right now ACP