Mosun Obembe


Mosun Obembe is a consultant with over 12years’ experience in as aconsultant.She is a business analyst and a project manager who has managed several ITProject in Canada. She has obtained several certification and various feedsrelating to IT and consulting from various universities at home and abroadsuch as University of Waterloo in Canada. She has since been a licensedtrainer by IIBA for Business Analysis.Over the years, she has been involved in facilitating various sessions bothlocally and internationally in diverse areas such as Business systemanalysis, Project Management,Business Consulting, Change Management, Employee on-boarding, MotivationalSessions, Leadership Training, Customer Service Delivery, ProcessImprovement, Quality assurance and Customized Training Sessions.Her business analysis skills have exposed her to various industries at homeand abroad in the areas of oil & gas (Ministry of Economy ReginaSaskatchewan, Canada), telecom (One Touch Direct Communication, RogersCommunication, Windstream and also Verizon), Consulting (Solvera, TopronConsulting, Bridgegap Consults, Kingsley Jesuorobo & Associates and Intactinsurance).She has assisted in taking many organizations from their current state totheir future state through thorough review and development of properprocesses, recruitment, project management, business consulting, performancemanagement, talent management, trainings and the implementation ofInformation Technology software applications In additional her legalbackground is invaluable for  legal services to both individuals andorganizations in legal matters. Mosun is a Member of the NBA and IIBA.

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