Martin Olu-Atafo


Martin Atafo is an seasoned project manager and ICT e-Commerce professionalof over a decade with an impressive career spanning management & technology,consulting and part of the Topron team. He is a consummate professional whohas left his mark of excellence on prior personal initiatives andorganizations such as Boots РBeta Labs in London England, Ford MotorCompany, TUI Group, Tesco, Gatwick and London Airport, Bank of America tomention a few. Topron is proud to have Martins insightful subject matterexpertise for Topron western European, UK and international operationsMartin possess an array of educational qualifications from some of theworlds leading institutions including an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurfrom   Imperial College London, MSc in E-Commerce from the University ofWestminster UK, BSc in Business Management and Information Technology fromUniversity of Hull, UK. He possesses international certifications such aPRINCE 2, and ITIL Martin is a member of the British Computer Society.

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